Step into the Doorway of Light

visionary author and angelic Lightworker

Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings


Welcome. My name is Aiwen. This is my spiritual name. It means ‘Bringer of the Rays’ ‘From the Seventh Heaven.’ This pertains to my path as a Mystical Traveler, A soul who takes the oath with the divine to go wherever is in need of light. Going to sacred spaces and shining the light outward to the world.

As a child I used to say to myself  “I wish my life was spiritual.”  Looking back now, I realize so much of it was beyond spiritual. It was cosmic. 

I am a multidimensional being.

Through all of my journeys, I have now realized that there is a merging point in all things that brings one closer to Universal Wisdom. I do my spiritual work in that space. Blessed be.



(I detail my angel messages in the book ‘Warrior Men with Angel Wings’ which I co-authored with spiritual men around the world.)

Warrior Men with Angel Wings




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