Step into the Doorway of Light

Andrew ‘Aiwen’ Robson
visionary author & Intuitive

Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings


Welcome. My name is Andrew Robson but I am also called Aiwen. This is my spiritual name. It means ‘Bringer of the Rays’. This pertains to my path as a Mystical Traveler, A soul who takes the oath with the divine to go wherever is in need of light. Going to sacred spaces and shining the light outward to the world.

As a child I used to say to myself  “I wish my life was spiritual.”  Looking back now, I realize so much of it was beyond spiritual. It was cosmic. 

Through all of my journeys, I have now realized that there is a merging point in all things that brings one closer to Universal Wisdom. I do my spiritual work in that space. Blessed be. AR


(I detail my angel messages in the book ‘Warrior Men with Angel Wings’ which I co-authored with spiritual men around the world.)

Warrior Men with Angel Wings




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