The Cosmic Angels: Celestial Starseed Lightworkers from the universe

The Cosmic Angels

Half Angel, Half Star Person
Guardian angels of beings on other planets and star systems, they are angels from other galaxies and here to be angels incarnate. They have the belief and knowledge from other galaxies.

The cosmic angels came from the heavenly light realms and they incarnate into worlds such as ours that call for their light and awakening energy. Some cosmic angels have incarnated in Atlantis and Lemuria and have incarnated as humans for a number of lives in order to help awaken more of those they have strong energy connections to, knowing their inspirations will help these souls greatly in their life here in this earth school. 

The cosmic angels work with the rainbow energy, they use the divine light and energy to heal, as well as powerful prayers which come from their hearts which go out into the universe and lights up the darkness. The cosmic angel lineage comes from those still in the celestial cosmic dimension and stems into this world. They flow through the interdimensional cosmos, bringing harmony and light and new beginning everywhere they go. Each life, spirit or incarnate brings a new energy for them to share to that particular world, dimension, reality. All in the essence of divine light and love, which permeates in all they do. 

The cosmic angels believe in the great divine presence which they believe all life originated from and exists within. They also believe in a Mother Goddess of light, which heals and nutures their souls and is present within them in every decision. Like a yin yang, of spark and mother, Fire and water, they are the children of light. The cosmic angelic spirits of the multiverse. 

My oath as a cosmic angel, a mystical traveler of creation and imagination, an indigo starseed, is to bring light to this life and speak for the heart of nature and of oneness and the beautiful souls such as animals and all in need of light. The heart calls and I must follow.

Pleiades, Andromeda, Orion, Milky Way, There are many galaxies, many dimensions, many worlds our souls come from. And also many connections. I have mer and star angel connections. 

Who are you? What are you doing here? Where are you from? 

I come from a place of light, a spirit world of light, and water, together as one. A place of angels of the air and water and creatures of healing and wisdom. They flowed together as two worlds as one. Air and water. I Incarnated as a Mer being on a world called Mintaka in Orions belt. My planet was destroyed by an asteroid but our mystical cosmic souls incarnated on earth as Atlantean merbeings and also Lemurians. Now we come with a light from all those times into the NOW. 

In this life I feel my wings of light and also my finn of light. The yin yang once again. The light shines bright. 

All lives connect, All Other Sides connect. Like an Ocean of Divine light. 

There are many lightworkers from many places in the galaxies. Tap into where you came from in your soul. Ask your higher guidance where and ask for a sign. You will be amazed at the results. You divine lineage awaits. BLESSED BE. 

Aiwen / Cosmic Angel 333
Certified Angel Intuitive, Lightworker, Author 

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