Angelic Message: Strength

”The angels of strength gather around you. You have gone through the fire of the desert to get to the oasis of your sanctuary. This is the time when the healing energy is at a powerful peak. Flowing. Charging. Opening. Feel the guardianship of the legion of divine light angels encircling you with rays of protection and inner power and divine strength, know as you go through the seasons, they will always be there to aid you in your path. Allow what you’ve gone through to give you hope, knowing you made it through always. The angels were there too. Believe. Know. Feel. Blessed be.”

“I am one with the fire of the inner sanctuary of the universe. I feel the wings of light from the angels of strength. I am a beacon of harmony. I am one with the rays of strength. I am in the path of the fire light of divinity. I am. I am. I am.”

Aiwen / Cosmic Angel 333
Co Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings
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