Angel Message: Always with you

”Along your journey, We are always by your side. Through the climb of life, to the beautiful meadows of moments of grace, we are always there. We see the candle of your soul radiating through the cosmos. You are spreading the light, and we support you as you take the next step of your hearts true calling. Sense within. Hear the glowing voice within calling. We will never leave you. We are heaven sent and the battles of life are fought with us at your side. Love is your strength, Hope is your virtue. Go into this new time knowing you have your angels, guides and beloveds eternally with you. The tunnel always has light at the end, follow the light, and when you come to the beautiful meadow, we will greet you. The passages can be rough, but the sanctuary oasis awaits. Fear not, we are with thee.”

“Light a candle in my soul, lighting the passage within and illuminating the universe like a pure white candle of enlightenment. I am one with my true calling. I am surrounded by support from my soul family. I am ready to follow the lighted path into my new understanding, my new part of the mission of my soul. I am one with love and hope. I am. I am. I am.”

Aiwen / Cosmic Angel 333
Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings

(In loving memory of Lynn Johnson May 29 1964 – January 4 2018)
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