Angelic Message: Water

”The light beings of the deep emerge to the break of the waves and come to give a message. The power of water is calling to you. The element of emotion and creation. You are being called to look within the crystal waters and see the image of your true spirit. Upon the aqua surface your true path will be seen with the eyes of the heart. To access the angels of water and their elemental guardians, the devas and hidden beings, look into the invisible realms of the heart, and all will be made visible, and they will aid you now in your pilgrimage to your souls wisdom and the wisdom of the sacred water spirit. Blessed be.”

”I am one with the waters of tranquility. I am one with the blue aqua aura spirit of the deep element of ocean, sea, lake, stream. Rain falls, the spirit calls. I am in the balance of the great wave of the universe, I am the mystical drop in the ocean, I am. I am. I am.”

Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings

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