Angelic Message: Spread your Wings

“The time has come to spread your wings. Your new energy has given you a brand new chance to tap into the source and manifest your goals. You are invigorated with new vibrations because you have made the decision to open your soul to a new starting point. Set your sights high into the horizon of your dream. Know that what you have accumulated and learned, now takes flight and brings you to the heavens of your heart, opening your gift into the universe. Your heart soars with the Pegasus, and returns to a state of divine creative alignment.”

“I am flying with freedom. I am soaring with the vision within set free. I am limitless in the love and truth I can bring to the world. I am leaping into the mind of the cosmos. I am open on the wings of love. I am creation. I am. I am. I am.”

Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings ~

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