Angelic Message: Halo of Green light

“Spirit of Green light, shining above you, streams down like heavenly waves of peace and restoration. Take this time to reflect on the green light which ebbs and flows through the cosmos. This is the healers light. This is the light of growth, birth, abundance, rejuvenation and natures gifts. Believe that it is your royal divine sacred birthright to be imbued with the green light of emerald essence. The flowing waters of the universe, which runs in our veins, comes from the mother universe, the womb of healing. Call upon the green light now, and ask the beings of the healing consciousness be around you. “

“I am one with the jade of the cosmos. I am surrounded by the emerald light. I am centered with the adventurine vibrations of nature. I believe, I see, I become. The green light of restoration. I am. I am. I am.”

Co-Author Of Warrior Men with Angel Wings
Spiritual Guidance
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