Angelic Message: Dreams

”Dreams. So many powerful dreams. You have the power to make them come true. Your co-creation with the divine light brings them into manifestation. The dream angels are imbuing you with even more balance and harmony, the perfect garden for your dreams to seed and sprout and blossom. Now is the time to keep a dream journal and also create a dream board. Find visual representations of your dreams and wishes and paste images of them to a piece of cardboard or construction paper. In divine timing, in the power of the now, you will see the dreams come to life right before your eyes. Also, be alert to any astral dreams given unto you by the angels.”

”I am connected to the dream of the universe. I am one with the cosmic wish of infinity. I am manifesting my dreams. I am calling to them with my heart. I am one with the gift of the divine. I am. I am. I am.”

Aiwen / Cosmic Angel 333
Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings
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