Message from the High Angelic Council: Bravery to bring Unity.

Bravery to bring Unity 

The High Angelic Council says unto you: 

“We have been asked to give this message to the world, from the hands of all light beings, we ask that all of the light workers and rainbow children and mystical travelers and starseeds to join forces and send oneness and higher mindedness, as cosmic energy to Mother Earth and all of the hearts herein. Peace and Restoration. These are divine keys that each one of you hold within. The illumination is dawning. The cosmic light from the spirit shines from the vastness of infinity. From your spirit, from your heart. We ask that all of those who protect and love the animals, come forth, share your light. We ask that all of those who hear the calling, shine. We ask that all of those who care for the plants and vegetation of this beautiful planet, come forth, share your light. We ask that all of you who are protectors and healers of humanity, peacemakers and unifiers, we ask you to come forth, shine, shine forth your sacred light. It is the cosmic light of the universe. It heals. It restores. It will lead you to the next step. Follow the light. The lamp of the soul. 

The time has come to ignite, illuminate, and prism the cosmic consciousness into the hearts of all. Feel the wings of connection soaring all around you. 

Envision the pure light unlocking from your soul and shining outward. This is the calling of peace. We represent a multidimensional community of divine oneness. Multifaceted, multileveled, multidimensions working together as ONE. 

Step into the interconnected flower. The petals of life. We are ONE. Remember the light, remember the universal truth that echos within you. 
The light you are being asked to shine, the time has come, shine it now. 
We are with you, through the darkest night, as the stars of light along your way. Reach for our hand. 

Our greatest mesage, our greatest gift unto you is the message of Oneness. It is what has connected us in the galactic fellowship, the path of peace, leads to Oneness. 

With greatest light and universal wisdom,
We leave you with cosmic love, cosmic light.

The High Angelic Council 
Through Aiwen (Andrew Robson)

(February 3, 2020 – 9:02 pm)

Please share the light…

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