Angelic Message: The long Quest

”The quest is long, the journey can have many mountains to climb. All the while the light is present within you. Every step, every breath, the light lives, the light shines. The eternal life of your soul shines with a beautiful light to the world that is like water to a flower. Connection of all. The angels and beings of light watch over you as you go along your way: learning, discovering, unmasking love and wisdom. You approach the summit of your souls potential, reaching a new grasp of the universal wisdom uniting us all. Awaken and inspire others with the light as you were given such a powerful gift.”

”I am one with the quest of light, I am in unison with the stream of eternal life. I am connected to the mind of universal wisdom. I am on the mountain top of my soul. I am one and whole, I am. I am. I am.”

Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings
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