Angelic Message: Clearing the Temple Within

”Clear your energy by releasing not only the trauma of lessons from this life, but also those lessons which stem from a past life. Ask your mind, body and soul be unified and cleared with the sacred healing light of the universe. Take into your temple only which glorifies ans restores and brings nourishment, to yourself and the world. Be cleansed by your own will and intention, that from this moment on, you draw a magic line in the sands of your life, that after you step over, you will never go back, never look backwards and only do what brings healing and love, from this life and past lives, into the hearts and souls, and be purified with multidimensional healing.”

”I am one with the healing light, my lives are cleared and the light shines through all. I am free. I am purified. I am restoring myself and the world. My intention is purity, healing, restoration. I am one with the cleansing vibrations of the universe. I am. I am. I am.”

Co-Author: Warrior Men with Angel Wings

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