Angelic Poem: I AM another YOU

Angelic Poem

I am another you
I see the crystal clear moon above as you
The rainbows appear like miracles to us
Therefore our hearts beat in unison
For we share the sacred earth
We share the sacred light
I am another you
The ripples on the water
the sound of the birds melodies
the flowers opening to the sun
The sun rises and sets through the cosmos
Therefore we all share the divine energy
For we walk this trail onward
I watch over you and you watch over me
My smile reflects like a mirror your smile
I am another you
There is nothing we cannot accomplish
There is nothing we cannot bring light to
With the power of our love
With the power of our unity
With the power of our energy
As the stars shine across the sky
We step into the shining sky
We are the stars light reaching forever
I am another you
The worlds unite as one
The message is
oneness, love, healing
The new threefold ray
silver, yellow, green
The light of the divinity shines
Onto the waters of life
Onto the tree of life
We share the roots, we share the branches
With our hearts
With our souls
We are the peace, We are the restoration
Bringing the light like the sun shining on the morning dew
I am another you
Two stars falling together
Tails blazing into another world
I am another you
Two birds with one song
A dream-like melody
Echoing into the ether
I am another you
In the ripples on the water
The rings open into one another
Then fade into forever
I am another you
The feather and the leaf, dancing in the wind
Meeting once, in a moment that lasts forever
In a blink of an eye, the dream comes true…
I am another you

March 28, 2020

Andrew Robson / Aiwen
Visionary Author & Intuitive

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