Angelic Message: Intuition and Vibration

You help the world shine brighter. Your intuition and vibration help you navigate through the obstacles and find the beautiful new beginning. You hold the key. You have the divinely bestowed power glowing in your heart. Use this time to get in touch with your true spirit and allow new energy and vital healing to come and also flow out to the Mother Earth, and the animals. This divine light is your birthright. Oneness is the underlying gift under all things. It is like a gem of love and light hidden just out of reach but calling for you, beckoning you to find it behind each face, each story, each lesson until the golden harmony of peace shine across the entire universe. Our planet is in need of love and healing and unity. Allow your soul and heart to unite with the light beings and share the message of oneness. True love is you. Shine the light. Let nothing hinder your light. Rise above, see with the eagles eye view and see the gems of universal wisdom awaiting you. No more fear. Only one love.
Keep shining. Blessed be.

I shine the light of unity. I shine the light of universal wisdom. I shine the light of sacred love of all. I am shining the light of peace. I am. I am. I am.

Co Author: Warrior Men with Wings
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