Angelic Message: Emerald Green Healing Energy

The healing energy is open to you. Center yourself in the emerald green light. Envision your whole body and soul filled with this sacred light. Feel the stress and negativity fall away and dissolve into pure white light into the universe. Take this time to release and heal and forgive and mend all that is creating cob webs in your life. Let the green light purify and strengthen. Do not let the fear mongering and division hold you down. Let the green light surround and transform the situation into pure love and healing, even oneness. Oneness will be a source of power, a light in the dark. Hold on to the universal wisdom that we all are one. Send green light to every soul, every spark, every heart in this world and galaxy and ask that the balance and harmony be restored therein, blessed be. Shine your emerald light.

I am surrounded by the emerald light, I am one with the healing energy. I am ready for transformation into light and love. I am a ray of hope. I am. I am. I am.

Aiwen / Cosmic Angel 333
Co Author: Warrior Men with Wings
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