Angelic Message: Bridges of Life

This world has so much to offer, so many learnings and growth to be found here. Your angel is with you as you walk across the bridges of life and leads you to new pastures and meadows. Through any dense forest, hot desert or raging storm, your angelic light shines the way. Look into your inner spirit, look into your divine essence. You may be walking the path but your heart is soaring to new heights. Seek into the beauty within you and your greatest gifts will emerge. Look into the waters of your cosmic heart. Answers and balance will be found there. Explore into the unknown, for light is present within you eternally.

I see the universe looking back at me. I feel the starlight running through me. I know the path brings beauty and truth of unity. I seek into the light. I am a searcher of new beginnings. I am. I am. I am.

Co Author: Warrior Men with Wings

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