Angelic Message: Energy Healing Power

Tune in to the universe. Tune out the noise and negativity. Surround yourself with healing energy. Walk away from the dark circle into the spiral of light. Reconnect to nature and art and creativity. Let go of procrastinating and denial. Free yourself into universal wisdom and total love and light. Take in the sweet air of life. Breathe out the pain, worry, and guilt. Let it go. You learned. You grew. Step over the line in the sand. Choose to shed the skin of illusion and take off the mask of shame and blame. Reveal the true light within. Shine to the world. Let go of the humanized diversions and divisions and instead center yourself into the stream of Oneness consciousness. See the world with beauty. Create beauty. Be an example of beauty. Share in the light. Wade in the waters of disillusionment no longer. Universal wisdom is alive and shining forever. Take in the light.

I am one with the light, I am standing in the stream of consciousness. I am taking in the rays of divine light. I am sending out universal wisdom and love. I am. I am. I am.

Co Author: Warrior Men with Wings
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