Angelic Message: Clearing the cob webs

Clear the webs from your heart and soul. No longer stand in the shadow. Allow your inner light to shine. Focus on which illuminates and unifies. Focus on what calls to your heart and also the heart of Mother Nature. Whatever inspires fear and division, no matter how alluring, must be husked alway to reveal the oneness and beauty and bonding light within. Do not allow anything to tear you from healing and shining for the world, for those needing help, those looking for unity. You are a beacon of beautiful energy, do not let negativity to enshroud your life. Set yourself free. Listen to your heart, let your soul guide you, take in only which resonates to helping, unbiased respect, universal wisdom is yours. You are a loving being. That is what shines through. The distractions and divisions fall away. Your tender sweet healing light has no limit. Remember that.

I shine clearly. I heal with my words and actions. I bring unity and peace. I am an example of love. I am. I am. I am.

Aiwen / Cosmic Angel 333
White Lighter, Co-Author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings
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