Angelic Message: Where Dreams Come True

Step into a world of serenity, to a place where dreams come true.

I get many messages when I sit and listen. The message comes through like a breeze of sweetness:

Mantras of Beauty


  • The rainbows end lands before you and a wish is granted unto you.
  • Take the trail of the heart, there the compass of wisdom points to the best direction.
  • Envision yourself in your sacred space, and ask that a ray of light stay with you like a lucky star on your shoulder.
  • Look forward on your path, never back, because in front of you is the land of solitude.
  • . The key of tranquility is found when you seek the starlight of your soul. It will open the door to the awakening.


Co-author of Warrior Men with Angel Wings

(All writings and photography by Aiwen)
copyrighted A. Robson

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