Angelic Message from Jeremiel: Locket of the Heart

Locket of the Heart

This is the time to unlock your life. Use this time as a platform for your body, mind and spirit to recharge and reconnect to source and mother nature. Follow your hearts advice. Go into your space of dreams. Collect your energy and bring healing in. You are standing in the doorway of your own serenity. It is a place with no time, or boundary. Only the open realms of the loving pure spirit. The key is in your heart, your soul’s heart. There is a door that opens when you are at oneness with the universe and are able to fully accept the true beauty of this moment, this gift of life. The locket of the heart holds a portal of light. Unlock the door. Step through and transform into the magical being you truly are and use this new found self love with every step you take, it is a new life. Use the key within.

Archangel Jeremiel Through Aiwen

(All writings and photography by Aiwen)
copyrighted A. Robson

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