Angelic Message: Don’t let your dream fly away

Angelic Message

Don’t let your dream fly away

The time has come to protect your dream. Do not let your dream fly away. Use it as an inspiration that will lift you higher. Visualize your dream as your wings, spreading across the sky. Like a golden butterfly of harmony and light in the midst of any circumstance, fly onward. With your dream around you, as a candle in the dark. Listen to your dream. It is calling. Fear not, we are with you.

Affirmation: “I am one with my God-given dream, the dream lives within and I will bring it into the world, from the universe. I am the keeper of the dream, my dream brings new light, and new life. My dream helps the vibration and vision of the world. Blessed be.”

Co-author: Warrior Men with Angel Wings
(All writings and photography by Aiwen)
copyrighted A. Robson

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