Mother Mary Message: Harmony

(Mother Mary cloud standing on Rainbow Bridge. Taken by Aiwen )


“Peace be yours, My child.
I come to illuminate the lamp of harmony for the world.
May all awaken to infinite grace and peace.
Harmony is blessed into the little branch that the dove placed in my hand, and now I place it into your heart. Within the pulse of your heart, the three sacred hearts beat in harmony.

I hold you in my arms, as the shell, one with her pearl

My starlight robe surrounds you.
My tears, the waves of peace, flowing through you.
Harmony, a light leading you to the harbor, to the sanctuary.

I bring with me the prayer of peace, like the dawn, like doves of light set free. My prayer of Harmony lives in you. The bridge from my immaculate heart to yours is forever strong.”
-Mother Mary

Affirmation: “I am wrapped in Mary’s gossamer veil of light, Healing and restoration fill me, as the rays from Mother’s heart encircle me. My heart, body, mind, soul are surrounded with her light, always, blessed be.”

Andrew Robson (Aiwen)

Co-author: Warrior Men with Angel Wings 

(All writings and photography by Aiwen)
copyrighted A. Robson

The statue where the message was given.
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